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anti-vibration glass pads which are used for transportation of glass.Natural material, health and non-toxic Various grades for thickness and sizeSize: 17*17mm, 18*18mm, 20*20mm .etc.

Sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.

1. Single group, deacetate, room temperature curing silicone glass glue.

2. Fast curing speed and easy to use.

3. Good bonding performance with most building materials.

4. Superior thixotropy, with no seasonal restrictions.

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Product Detail
Acid glass silicone sealant
Product Detail

The main purpose

1. All kinds of glass projects are bonded and sealed.

2. AlI kinds of glass doors and Windows are sealed.

3. All kinds of interior decoration sealing and sealing.

Construction of the feed

1. Cannot be used for structural binding assembly.

2.Prior to the use of the product, the user shall first conduct the compatibility and adhesion test of the contact material, and the construction operation shall be confirmed after confirmation.

3. The surface of the substrate temperature below 4°C or more than 40°C unfavorable construction.

4. The product is acidic and solidified. It has a certain corrosive effect on concrete, porous stone, coated glass, copper, lead, galvanized materials and other materials.

5. The company for the factory to ensure the quality of product, but based on construction conditions (including base material, construction method, climate, etc.), should be done before using the test in advance and independent to determine whether the applicability of the products conform to the requirements of the construction, as for the products in use process for any accident or improper use of the company shall not be liable for damages.

Safety instructions

1. This product in the process of curing can release acetic acid, acetic acid concentration is too high in the air will damage the respiratory system, stimulate the skin and eyes, So the workplace should pay special attention to maintain good ventilation.

2. This product is acidic, not cure has the obvious irritation to skin and eyes and corrosive, should not be direct contact with skin and eyes, such as contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water, and then the doctor check, please.

3. After curing, the product will not release harmful substances and will not cause damage to the skin.

4. Uncured products should avoid children's contact and should be placed in places where children cannot touch.



Service support

1.24 hours technical supporting by e-mails.

2.24 hours calling service & online service.

3.Oversea door-to-door service available.

4.User manual and detailed operating video/CD available.

Storage period:

In the dry environment and store below 27°C, is recommended for nine months from the date the production.

Executive standard:


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